stonephase is owned and operated by Amy Nicole.  We are a family run business with my Dad and Husband contributing to production of cabochons and my Mom who handles all of our administration.  

I have been a silversmith for 9 years and took up the lapidary arts 2 years ago. I am completely and utterly hooked!! My stone cutting style is making mostly symmetrical shapes and I also enjoy the challenge of making more complicated shapes.  As a fairly new lapidary,  I am interested in cutting every kind of material possible at least once. When I'm not at the wheels, I am online searching for new material.  My current favorites to cut are Turquoise, Variscite and Synthetic Opal.

My Dad (Poppa Bear) took a crash course with me for about 6 weeks in 2017.   He is a natural!! I knew he would be.  He enjoys cutting harder material especially Jaspers and likes to cut freeform shapes.  He tells me that he likes to "read the rock" and let it tell him what he wants to be.  

My paternal grandfather was also a silversmith and lapidary.  I am proud to say that now that my Dad is cutting I am officially a 3rd generation lapidary.  :)